Picard LaForge Beverly Crusher Troi Riker Data Borg Midi Computer Sound FX Q Misc
Phaserblast - Defenitly feeling aggressive tendencies, sir
I have an odd craving for a live colarbeast
Assimilate this
I still cannot locate the captain
beep - Bridge to Riker
Perhaps today is a good day to die
Mr. Worf, do you know Gilbert O´Sullivan? No, sir I ... 
Sir, we have lost The Enterprise, we should not ......
I am prepared
I must object to this course of action..Your objection is...
Sorry, sir. I´m on my way
Hailing frequencies open, sir
I protest, I am not a merry man!
Do not hug me
Put down the phaser
I hate questionnaires
Sir, reading unidentified vessel just entering sensor range
The Romulans want a computer
Captain, incoming message
Photon torpedoes armed and ready, sir
It is a good day to die
The Klingon empire will never yield
I suspect conspiracy
You´re just another weak human, afraid to face death
I meant no disrespect
You are not in my shoes
I did not play with toys
Human bonding rituals often involve a great deal of talking
It´s gone now
I may have to travel during the night
The scanning signal has penetrated our shields
Sensors say, we were just scanned, sir
Thank you, captain
Vessel unknown, configuration unknown, sir
Shields just came on, deflectors also on