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Will Riker
On Screen...
Make it so....I thought.....Just do it!
Begin separation sequence
Can I get back to you, Mr. Worf?
We gotta get out of here
His future in starfleet could depend on it
I kiss you and you say yuck?
I need a little counseling
Klingons never do anything small, do you?
I think I´m having a midlife crisis
I´m not sleeping well
Red alert, all hands battle stations
Red alert, all hands battle stations, captain Picard to the bridge
Smooth as an androids bottom, eh, Data?
Yes, Admiral
You don´t really think I´m going to help you
Blondes and jazz seldom go together
Our friend is back
Commence rapid fire with all weapons on full
Aye, sir
You´re not depressed are you?
Shields up
I know what you want
Begin day watch
We wish to end the hostilities
This is captain William T Riker of The U.S.S. Enterprise
Would I seem ungreatful if I asked for some information?
All hands, brace for impact
Commander, we don´t have to like each other to work well
Phasers on stun
Power down And disengage
All stations, prepare for reconnection
Computer, release command control this station
Stand By, commander
You´re onboard the Federation starship Enterprise
Nice shooting