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Jean-Luc Picard

A British tar is a soaring soul, as free as a mountain bird

I must object to this course of action..Your objection is...
How can there be an order to abandon the prime directive?
You haven´t aged a day since then
Red alert, all hands to battle stations.....Engage
We are betraying the principles opon which The Federation was......
Bridge to commander Worf
Computer, go to red alert
Quickly mr. Data, lock out the main computer
You will not be deactivated
Data, no, don´t do it
Can anyone remember when we used to be explorers
This is extraordinary craftsmanship
Are you prepared to face the charges?
Mr. Worf, do you know Gilbert and Sullivan? No, sir I ... 
Go ahead, Ensign
Good to have you back, mr. Worf
Have you been in a fight mr. Worf?
How about a passive radiation scan?
How many people does it take, Admiral?
I know how real this must seen to you. But it´s not
I apologize for our intrusion
I will terminate him
It may not come to that
Make it so....I thought.....Just do it!
Sir, we have lost The Enterprise, we should not ......
I will make them pay for what they´ve done!
Authorization Picard 4-7-Alpha-Tango..beep
On Screen... 
Picard to Crusher
You´re an officer onboard this ship, and I require you to ....
I will not sacrifice The Enterprise, we´ve made too many....
This is not about revenge...Liar...This is about saving the future....
We´ll skip the court marshall this time
They don´t sound right
Here´s to the finest crew in Starfleet
This is too important for The Enterprise to be on the sidelines, Admiral
What the hell are you doing here
You´re not finished here?
You´re on The Enterprise, Data
Computer - what happened?
I´m sorry, It´s a classified matter
Not good enough, dammit, not good enough
We seek contact
Fire phasers
Q the ordinary - Q the liar .....Q / Picard
This is going to hurt a bit
Get off my ship
Did you not even pick up one piece of trash?
Data? -sir? -later -yes, sir .....Picard / Data
Ho,ho,ho,ho - impossible
I´ll be in my quaters
I think our lives just bacame a lot more complicated
Time is one thing we do not have in abundance
Wait, wait, that´s not possible
I will not have you telling me what course to set
Thank you mr. Data
Computer, this isn´t what I wanted at all
Enterprise, this is the captain
I hate it when you do that
I wish you well
This is captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation Starship Enterprise
'Earl Grey hot'
Make it so
You may speak .....Locutus
Why do you resist? .....Locutus
You will become one with The Borg .....Locutus
Computer, freeze program
Can there be an intelligence at work here?
Number one
Reconsider your decision
I look forward to your report, mr. Broccoli
Computer, end program
On screen
We have engaged The Borg
Stand by
Agreed number one
Any idea to what it is and where it came from?
Enterprise, one to beam up
Mr. Data, what kind of cake is this? - it is a cellular peptide....
We should run a complete diagnostic on all command systems
Kamin/Picard playing his flute
Get off my bridge
Do you mind identifying what you are?
The line must be drawn here
Set a course for earth, maximum warp
Raise all shields, phasers at ready
Let´s investigate
Red alert, battle stations
Computer, status report
We are not going to lose The Enterprise, not to The Borg, not....
Computer, what is the time right now?
Data, report
Welcome aboard
They invade our space and we fall back, they assimilate entire...
Red alert
Captains personal log, supplemental, I have just witnessed.....
We are not invaders, we are explorers
What the hell are you still doing here?
Everything about this seems wrong
Enterprise, this is the captain
Everything´s under control
Understood, keep me informed, Picard out
I suppose this means I can look forward to a week of continual...
Welcome to the twentyfourth century
Commander, can I have a word with you?
Transfer engineering control to the bridge