Picard LaForge Beverly Crusher Troi Riker Worf Borg Midi Computer Sound FX Q Misc
For 34 years I have endevoured to become more........
I believe this beverage has produced an emotional response
And have you noticed how your boobs have started to firm up?
It will take the computer a few moments to compile the information

Do you always talk this much? not always, but often Borg Queen/Data

I wish to be deactivated until doctor Crusher can remove the.......
I no longer want these emotions, deactivating me is the only viable.....
Very funny, hahahaha
It is a holographic projection
hahahahahaha, humour, I love it!
I beg your pardon, sir
I believe my growth as a artificiall life form has reached an impass
I am unlike any life form you have encountered before, the codes......
I just, love scanning for life forms
Saddle up, lock and load
You could say, I have a magnetic personality
There is no reason to fear me
Quantum torpedoes locked
Resistance is futile
They fixed me
Are you able to cease thinking on command?
Abondon ship, this is not a drill
I hate this, it is revolting
Begin night watch
Computer, identify please
Lock on comlink and boost
My hair does not require trimming, you lunkhead
No signs of intelligent lifeforms
Data? -sir? -later -yes, sir .....Picard / Data
Key universal translator please
I am not nervous - I am confused
According to the shuttle log, The Enterprise was destroyed
All systems are normal, sir
Thank you, for your cooperation
I have access
Disengage subspace communications
Computer, recognize Data, lieutenant commander, alpha one clearence
Good night captain, sleep well, sir
I will take your word for it , This is very amusing
I had no choice
May I ask a question, sir? Of a personal nature
Magnifying viewer image
There appears to be a commandpath discontinuuity
Resistance is futile
I busted him up
I am awating inspiration
Data´s lifeform song
The Lore awakening song
Most unusual
Computer, execute complete shutdown of the holodeck
Deactivating me is the only viable solution
Data conversing with the Borg Queen
A poem read by Data
I understand your concerns, request denied