Picard LaForge Beverly Crusher Troi Riker Worf Data Borg Midi Sound FX Q Misc
Computer Voice
Manual realease is online
Computer standing by
Requested function will require 2 hours to complete
That program is already in use
The captain is not on the ship
Transfer complete
Security clearence level 3 or above is required to access files
Define parameters of program
Unable to comply
Command functions are offline
Transfer of data is complete
Systems online
That information is not availible
Now establishing data link
Access denied
Deactivation complete
Authorization denied
Authorization acknowledged
That is correct
Logs accessed
Program complete
One minute to autodestruct
Autodestruct sequence armed
Emergency power engaged
Automatic defense procedures initiated
Direction unclear, please restate request
Interface complete
You´re welcome
Command codes verified
Please input command codes
Please specify how you would like to proceed, sir
Picard command codes are no longer valid
Please restate a single question
Enter access code
Specify parameters
Input algorithm not accepted