Facelift! This page has been virtually untouched since 2002 and it was high time
to do something about that. This was my very first homepage back in 96. A lot
has happened since then and although Next Generation is a closed chapter the
series will always live on in the hearts of sci-fi fans. Those of you that have
visited my site before will at least recognize the content. A few updates but for
obvious reasons there won't be any groundbreaking news or updates. Still, the
page will live on as I'm sure many of you have just discovered Star Trek: TNG.

I hope you approve of the new design and comments are welcome in the new guestbook!

And I have to extent a great big thank you to all of you that have visited my site over the years and left your praise in guestbooks and inboxes. It's thanks to you all I still find the energy to keep this site going! Cheers!


At last! The sickening popups of Fortunecity is history! I've changed location to another host. The main URL for my site will always be "http://www.algonet.se/~locutus"
from there you will be redirected to other places.

As for the site-news:

The links have been checked and updated. A few new sounds added to the
sound sector. 4 new Nemesis-wallpapers and 4 movie-pics from the 10:th
Trek-movie which will open on December 13. A new chat-client added.
A new messageboard. All audiofiles converted to mp3.
A few new downloads in the Fun Sector. That's about it.
I hope I will have more time to update the page in the future.

Thanks for your great input in the guestbook!


A few new links are born in my galaxy. (Removed since then)....


A chat sector added to my galaxy. (Removed since then)...


Hi TNG-Trekkers!
It's getting longer and longer between the updates and my excuse for that is:
TIME!!!! That's what I'm struggling with, and too little of it......

Anyway, I have changed location to Fortunecity for more than one reason,
but one being the 100 MB of storage they let you have. For free!
Up until now I have payed 100$/year for this site. This also means that I
will be able to add some more stuff in the future.

The update consists of about 100 new sounds, some new pictures, Star Trek X info,
layout-changes, graphical changes, a brand new Starfleet Academy to test
your Star Trek-skills in, a few more downloads, Enterprise -E added in the
'Enterprise Sector', the link pages have been cleaned out from dead links, which were
quite a few, and that makes me feel a little lonely.... Almost everyone of those who
started out with me in 1996 have moved on to other things and left me and
a few others to hold the TNG-flag which at least I will continue to do.

To be sure that you haven't missed anything -
you'd better browse the entire site..

Thanks to all who have payed their visit to my site. And thanks to the
guestbook-signers, messageboard-posters and all of those who have sent me email..

It's the feedback that makes me continue with this site, so keep it coming!



WHAT? An Update? You Better Believe It!

I decided to remove the Shareware Sector since I believe that you'll probably visit
other places to get your shareware.The links has been updated and the dead ones removed. A new submit-link-form has been added to the linkpage.
And I've placed a banner on the linkpage that you can use to link to my site.
The guestbook has been sorted - thanks for your time in signing it!

Not so much new stuff though..... A few pics.....
More pics from "Insurrection" coming soon and some new
sounds are on the editingtable. I'm still struggling for more harddrive space.....

I'll be back soon.....