Generations First Contact Insurrection Nemesis

My rating:

Not the most brillant of movies perhaps... And maybe it's time to lay TNG to rest..
I don't think the once magnificent series is going much further.
The movie plot has scars like Grand Canyon! But, being trekkers we
can live with that, just to get a couple of hours with our old "friends"!


It all starts out in the Romulan council on Romulus.
All is not well in the realms of our most devoted adversarys....
The Council is being assassinated so that a new leader may emerge.
And not just any leader, but a human! And not just any human - a clone of Captain Picard! Shinzon is his name and he was an old experiment discarded by the
Romulans and has spent his entiry childhood in captivity and got protection from
fellow inmates of the Reman race, who felt pity for him. They are now his companions
in his plans to destroy all life on earth. To aid him in that, ha has a powerful
weapon called Nemesis.

He has another motif, which is to steal DNA from Picard, since he is aging faster
than a normal person (by design) thus he's DNA is in chaos.

To get the Federation to pick up the bait, he offers peace. Which he knows
the Federation never can refuse. The Federation then sends The Enterprise -E
to Romulus to negotiate with Shinzon.....

I think the movie played well with the facts presented. Picard and Shinzon are a good
duo, opposing themselves in every move, and the plot deals strongly with the conflicts
their co-existence generates. Shinzon, while able to predict Picard movies, falls prey
of his own arrogance, and the movie ends with a personal fight between him and
Picard that culminates with Data sacrifice to save both the Enterprise.

Although I knew beforehand that Data would die in this movie, the knowledge
didn’t attenuate the impact of the scene and I couldn’t help but fell sad about
the passage of this dear character — even considering the final plot twist about it.
Data’s ultimate sacrifice has a special meaning to the character in that he strived
all of his positronic life to better himself and achieve human stature.
His yielding of his life proved he had attained such objective.

The show starts out with the long overdue wedding of First Officer William T. Riker
(Jonathan Frakes) and his on again off again paramour Counselor Deanna Troi
(Marina Sirtis). While traveling from the first wedding ceremony to another to be
held on Troi’s home world the uncountable Star Ship Enterprise is called to investigate
a strange electromagnetic disturbance. Isn’t there always a strange disturbance even after almost forty years?

During the investigation they find a previously unknown prototype of the
android Commander Data (Brent Spiner). Sidetracked from their sidetrack they
are then called to the home world of the enemy of the Federation, Romulus.
It seems that their new leader wants to negotiate peace. The Romulan leader
Shinzon (Tom Hardy) is not only not Romulan, he comes from their sister world of
Remus, he happens to be the clone of the Enterprise Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart).

At this point you may see the problem with the plot. For an action-adventure Sci-Fi
flick it’s alright to have some complexity to the plot but this one is like a soap opera.
The popularity of this franchise has always been letting the audience see what is
going on in the lives of their favorite characters while underlying the events with a
straight forward story that extends the modern mythology Star Trek has become.
Here, there is too much that is new imposed too many twists and turns that ultimately
do little to extend the beloved character’s development. To borrow a phrase from
the Star Trek lexicon, they dropped out of warp and are on impulse power now.

While better than the lamentable Star Trek V, generally considered to be the worse
of the lot, this film has venerable actors delegated to hopeless search for a good script.
What made Star Trek the multigenerational success it has been was the ability to take
on serious topics in a fashion that was entertaining. Here the characters are adrift in
space, the lack of focus and the twisted plot will make many of the audience search
for the escape pods. It’s like pizza, even when it’s not the best it’s still pizza.
There was entertainment value but compared to the heights this series has
achieved ultimately does not live up to the potential it could have had.