Current Starfleet Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Current Assignment: Chief security officer

Date Of Birth: Earth equivalent December 9, 2340

Place Of Birth: Qo'nos / Kronos (Klingon Home World)

Entered Starfleet Academy: 2357

Graduated Starfleet Academy: 2361

Marital Status / Children: Widower, one son - Rozhenko, Alexander.
Mother was ambassador K'ehleyr (deceased).

History: Orphaned during the Khitomer massacre. Adopted by Sergey and Helena
Rozhenko. Resigned commision 2367, during Klingon civil war - later reinstated.
First Klingon to serve in Starfleet.

Education: University of Betazed - psychology.

Offspring: Ian Andrew Troi through involuntary impregnation by a non-corporeal being.

Abilities: Expert In Armaments And Weaponry.

Favourite Beverage: Prune Juice