Current Starfleet Rank: Captain

Current Assignment: Commanding officer

Date Of Birth: July 13, 2305

Place Of Birth: LaBarre, France, Earth

Entered Starfleet Academy: 2323

Graduated Starfleet Academy: 2327

Marital Status / Children: Single, no children

Command History: U.S.S. Stargazer, 2333 - 2355.
Appointed Captain of The U.S.S. Enterprise -D, 2363.
Declined promotion to Admiral, 2364.

Additional History/ Information: Has a bionic heart, -the result of a cadet brawl.
Abducted by The Borg, 2366. Served as Klingon arbiter of succession, 2367.

Interests: Fencing, archeology, horsemanship, playing flute, Dixon Hill novels.

Preferred Beverage: Earl Grey tea (hot)