Additional information:
Sovereign Class history began after the USS Enterprise D was hurled into
system J-25 in the Beta Quadrant, where it encountered the Borg for the first time.
The data that Enterprise collected on the Borg projected a grim shadow on the
defense systems of the Federation. After the Enterprise presented its report on the
capabilities of the Borg, Starfleet began three different programs. Project Defiant,
The Bradbury Project and Sovereign Project. These ships would incorperate new
technologies to combat the Borg threat. Design and research was nearing completion
for the Sovereign Project on Stardate 43998.0, when the Borg invaded sector 001.

Unfortunately, the advancements made under the Sovereign Project were still
only conceptual, with no working prototype at the time. On stardate 48972.4
the USS Sovereign prototype was tested. The overall design proved amazing,
but problems in the Warp Drive system required that an overhual be done. On Stardate
49843.2 the ship was renamed USS Enterprise and launched from Starfleet's McKinley Station.

The Neuro-cortical Warp Drive system of Sovereign class vessles, takes warp drive
technology to an all new efficiency. The fluctuation superimpellor, which once helped
Zefram Cochrane straddle the light-speed barrier, has been upgraded tremendously to
enable a starship to straddle the warp ten barrier. Although the top speed can never
reach warp ten, The newly revised warp propulsion system (WPS) will allow a ship to
reach warp 9.9975, without ever crossing the warp ten barrier, Therefore allowing the
ship to remain unaffected to the devastating effects of the warp ten velocity.

When designing the Sovereign Class ship, Starfleet engineers took special care to
ensure the use of several dozen warp field layers, Enabling the new septuple-shaped
field to use almost half of the energy a normal warp system utilizes. The asymmetrical
peristaltic field manipulation which the ship uses is only possible because of the
neuro-cortical system's interaction with the field coil's firing order.

The amazingly complex nature of the septudle-shaped field would never be
possible with even the best standard computer by itself. The WPS utilizes over 275
gigawatts of enegry just to maintain the warp field, while traveling at warp seven.
The warp field coils themselfs went under hundreds of re-creations, mainly because of
the thousands of theories of the physics of subspace. The enhanced materials making up
the coils has increased efficiency and preformance by astouning measure. The ship now
suffers only a very minimal amount of quantum drag, Thereby allowing the systems to
escape the tremendous energy penalties due from the drag. The amount of power to
initially establish the warp field - the peak transitional threshold - has also been significantly
lowered making the warp curve slightly more rounded. On a standard ship, the coil's
electrodynamic efficiency unaviodably drops as the velocity aproaches warp ten. The new
system's coils, however, keep the efficiency significantly higher, thus avoiding the incredible
strains on the engines at high warp speeds. Another improvement is the dual plasma coolent
tubes on either side of the warp core. On previous starships, there was only one
coolent flow. Therefore if there was a coolent leak, the warp core had to be
shut down. With the Sovereign class warp core, the dual plasma coolent tubes
allow the ship to stay at warp even in the event of a coolent leak.